Adore 3D Lash Mascara


A mascara with a 3D effect – it separates, extends, and curls the eyelashes. The innovative silicone brush guarantees an even application. It is recommended for sensitive eyes. A hypoallergenic product.

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Adore 3D Lash Mascara is a product that combines the love for cosmetics, knowledge, and technology. It guarantees maximum length and provides extreme curl as well as spectacular volume. The powder particles provide thicker eyelashes and the cream formula guarantees the intense colour that lasts the entire day.

  • The mascara intensively extends, curls, and thickens the eyelashes
  • Its innovate brush guarantees an even application, smoothing and combing out the eye-lashes at the same time
  • The silicone fibres optimise the amount of the product applied to the eyelashes
  • It prevents the lashes from clumping or sticking together
  • Its cream formula perfectly guarantees an intense, deep colour that lasts the entire day
  • The powder particles contained in its formula significantly make the eyelashes look thicker


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