Collagen Moisturizing foundation


A moisturizing foundation with a creamy texture. It reduces the sensations of burning, tightness and dryness. The foundation perfectly hides skin discolorations and redness, providing a lustrous finish.

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A phenomenal collagen foundation with a creamy texture that naturally conceals discolourations and redness, and perfectly cares for normal, dry, sensitive and allergy-prone skin. Combined with active ingredients, it intensively hydrates the skin, soothes irritations and restores hydrolipidic film:

  • collagen – guarantees long-lasting hydration and protects the skin from harmful external factors,
  • D-panthenol soothes the skin and prevents inflammation,
  • aloe vera extract moisturizes, soothes the skin and prevents inflammation,
  • vitamins A, C and E condition the skin and protect it from UV rays.


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