Deep Nude Eyeshadow Palette 19g


This limited-edition Deep Nude palette, inspired by nature, features twelve long-wearing, natural shades that will beautifully highlight every woman’s natural beauty. The palette includes a range of carefully selected natural tones.

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It comes in a beautiful paper case with a big mirror that allows you to apply full makeup not only at home but also when traveling.

The palette includes a range of carefully selected natural tones – from classic, warm beige to saturated, cool browns – that will perfectly match the colour of your eyes.

Thanks to newly developed formulas, the shadows are very easy to apply and do not roll on eyelids. They do not oxidize, which means they do not lose their pigments. They moisturize the skin and prevent excessive dehydration. The shadows have a smooth and creamy texture. You will be able to do different types of makeup, from everyday and natural to a sophisticated, glam look.

The palette includes matte-finish shades along with pearl and brown glitter shades.

Bare – matt vanilla beige
Bare – matt vanilla beige
Soft – matt gray, medium beige
Teddy – matt warm, medium brown
Twinkle – topper – glitter gold particles on a transparent base
Fresh –gold with a pink glow
Blushed – matt dusty, warm pink
Berry Nude – matt burgundy
Charming –metallic gray with a warm pink glow
Milk Chocolate – matt medium, cool brown
Bittersweet – matt shade of dark chocolate
Depth – matt saturated black
Basis Metal – pearl gray-brown with the foil effect


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