Serum Vitamin C 10% 15 ml


Serum Vitamin C 10% is a conditioning oil serum with an innovative, stable form of Vitamin C, friendly pH, and a combination of natural, high-quality oils that provide unique care effects and make your skin look healthy and beautiful.

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Thanks to its oily formula, our Vitamin C serum is very well absorbed. It has been developed in harmony with nature and can be used all year round also by anyone with sensitive or proble-matic skin. Try it as a makeup primer too!

All these serum benefits are possible thanks to the combination of its ingredients:

  • a stable form of vitamin C revitalises and regenerates the skin and actively slows down the aging process
  • prickly pear oil – reduces and neutralises wrinkles
  • rosehip oil – reduces discolouration and acne scars
  • baobab oil – makes the surface of the skin look smooth and soft
  • grapeseed oil – improves skin elasticity and firmness
  • meadowfoam seed oil – increases the skin hydration level


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